Gregory Davis & Associates is a team of designers and builders who specialize in the creation of "Complete Environments", surroundings that are perfectly suited to each of our clients. We listen carefully to understand their wants, needs and lifestyle as well as the demands of their budget. We then strive to a create living space that does more than decorate a home... a space that also contributes to a more peaceful life.

"I love what I do, and know that this is what I was meant to do. I look forward to helping you create the perfect living environment for your home." Greg Davis

We believe that a home can be a place of refuge...a beautiful, nurturing space where stress is lifted, senses are heightened and comfortable emotions flow freely (often unlike the outside world). Plants contribute to our "life force" (imagine standing on a downtown street corner as opposed to standing in a redwood forest). The arrangement of objects, as in the ancient Chinese principle of Feng Shui, affects the energy of a space.

We have worked with exceptional designers, realtors and developers on interesting projects worldwide. Our team's lifetime of experience and professional knowledge can help you create the home environment of your dreams. Gregory Davis has been professionally dedicated to this goal for over 24 years and continues to grow and nurture GDA in order to provide the very best service available.